If you would like to know about my blog, please read my first post, it will explain it all! But, if you would like to know a little about me........

Then I am flattered! Here is the need-to-know info:


I am now a full-time stay-at-home-mommy! I have always dreamed of being a wife and mother, and I love that my dreams are coming true! The people that say "fairy tales don't come true" have never lived my life. J

I am a licensed cosmetologist, with my most frequent customer being my forced-to-sit-still daughter (she will love me for it later). I dabble in photography, various DIY projects, and baking. I would like to, but still have yet to master, the art of sewing, cooking, and keeping the sea of books off my daughters floor for longer than an hour.

I enjoy cheesy television shows (Little House on the Prairie, 7th Heaven, Roswell), Disney Movies (Tangled! Hey the girl has great hair!), singing at church, and reading.

Jason (The Hubbie):

The Hubbie is a financial analyst for a health company. He has an extreme passion for Christ, and would love to start a church here in town someday. He is a wonderful father, and an even better better-half J

He enjoys basketball and football, and has grown a new desire for woodworking/carpentry (and he is pretty good at it too!).

Mikayla (The Daughter):

Mikayla is beautiful. Truly beautiful. Sometimes I wonder what God saw in me to bless me with such an awesome gift, and then it makes me smile to think that He thinks that highly of me. J

She is an uber smart 18mo, and loves to give kisses! She LOVES her magna-Doodle (she calls it her doo-doo), and she is a big fan of The Chipmunks. Seriously. The Hubbie and I can quote the whole movie....both of them. At times, dare I say it.........I have been begging for a little Barney!

 My favorite thing that she has been doing lately is when we pray at meal time, she will want to hold our hands (like The Hubbie and I do), but she will get so excited about it that in the middle of the prayer she will want to give us kisses too! Now if that does not show the power of prayer.....then I don't know what does!