Thursday, February 10, 2011

Introduction to My Life From Scratch

Made from scratch. This was not a term I grew up hearing too often. This is not a hit at my mother, as she will be the first to admit that her domestic skills and desires did not fall on the same playing field as June Cleaver. When we were younger, I do remember family meals around the table, but the older we got, and the more capable we became, the more the homemade meals were few and far between, and the Hot Pockets, frozen pizzas, and Pop-Tarts became the norm (and let’s be honest, as growing teenagers, what could be better?).

And just an FYI: where my mom may have lacked in the Suzy-Homemaker role, she made up for ten-fold in the relationship department. She was the mom who created rules and boundaries, and at the same time, was the mom who everyone wanted to talk to. I will be thrilled if my relationship with my children is a fraction of the relationships that she developed with the three of us kids.

Back to my point….

This day and age has made the term “from scratch” a thing of the past. Fast food and TV dinners have made “slaving over a hot stove” a running joke. Pre-made cookie dough has taken the love out of comfort foods. They are easy ways to get by with little effort. **Disclaimer** I am a fan of frozen pizzas and the occasional fast food dinner. So understand me clearly before you continue reading. This is not a criticism of any of those things**

I don’t want my life to be like a TV dinner. I want it to be filled with great reward. What is better than walking into a house with the smell of a home cooked meal wafting from the kitchen? And doesn’t it taste better too?

“Wise words bring many benefits, and hard work brings rewards.” –Proverbs 12:14 NLT

That’s what God wants for me as a woman, wife and mother. I want my desire for greatness to “waft” from my very being. There are not “microwave solutions” to living a Christ centered life. It’s all or nothing.

So join me through this journey as I attempt to live a Life From Scratch. It will be filled with clever crafts, how-to activities, and the occasional pictures of my beautiful daughter, but mostly it will be filled with the wonderful insights that God provides me through my relationships with my sweet little family.

I can smell the goodness now……….. J


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  1. I love it; the layout, the concept and your first blog is just exactly right! Let me know when I can share it! I'm so excited for you ~ Mom!