Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Feels like a flower.....

So here is a thought-provoking concept that I am contemplating as I fight the sleep that is beckoning my name.

I am reading this book right now about a missionary who lived through fourteen years of torture in a Communist prison (sounds like a real feel-good book doesn't it?), and one of the quotes that I read tonight was:

"A flower, if you bruise it under your feet, rewards you by giving you it's perfume."

After reading this quote, it made me think about when Jason brought me home a dozen roses the other night, he also brought home a single pink rose for Mikayla. Well she was so excited that she snapped the flower right off the stem. We did our best to revive it, and it's still beautiful sitting in a bowl of water. Mikayla still loves it, and it still smells good.

Have you ever been a flower, like its referred to in the quote above? When the trials of life have "bruised" you, do you still give an air of sweet smelling confidence, or do you wither up and become frail?

Or, maybe you have encountered beautiful "flowers" in your life. People, who against all odds, are still walking the walk, and living in the peace that passes all understanding. How inspiring it is to see people faced with such tragedy, press on, maybe still stricken with grief, but being guided with the faith and reassurance that God is in control.

Boy do I want that faith. I want the "perfume" that I exude to be so strong, that the room needs to be aired out. I dont want to be a flower just for its beauty and appearance (ie: seem like I have it all together), I want to be a flower for the fragrance.

Anyone else feel like being a flower? (Don't worry, I promise not to break out in Kumbya or anything J.)

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  1. I've never thought about the value of flowers apart from their beauty if they were bruised or broken. This is really good! I want my life to be a sweet aroma to others of God's grace and love as well. Thanks sweetie for the great word pictures!