Friday, February 11, 2011

That's You!

Do you know your name?

The other day Mikayla and I were playing downstairs and she looked at the pictures I have framed on the TV console. She pointed at the engagement picture of Jason and I, and said "Dada, Mama" (how she knew it was me is mind boggling, as I had super dark hair and was...well.....lets just say I am a little fluffier now J), and then she pointed to the picture of herself when she was itty-bitty, and said "You!"

So many people have said to her "Thats You!" when she looks at a picture of herself, that now she thinks that is her name! If only she knew how long Jason and I prayed for her, and gave thought and special care to her name.......

If only we knew what went into our "name." Not our name given at birth, but our name given by God. Oh how I have fallen prey to what society, satan, and even my flesh, says my name is. Lately I have heard "Not Good Enough" (rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?). But that is not what went into me, into my name, when I was created and put on this earth. God gave care and special thought to who I would be, and it was not "Not Good Enough" it was:

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way." Song of Solomon 4:7 (NLT)

So I will ask again. Do you know your name?


  1. Rachel, I agree with God ~ you ARE beautiful in every way! And your name is precious in our family. You were named for our wonderful, loving, God-fearing Nana, Rachel Johnstone Cassidy. Nana would be so proud of her namesake and she would love you to pieces, just like I do!

    This is a wonderful site, and I so look forward to following your blog!!

    Love you!!!!!!!!!
    Aunt Mary Ellen

  2. Thanks for stopping by and supporting me! Love you too!