Thursday, April 7, 2011


May. Otherwise known as "pray" if you were to ask Mikayla. It has gotten to the point where if she even can see me preparing food for a meal, she immediately wants to pray. How in the world did I get so blessed to have a daughter who would pick up that habit of ours, over the zillions of unmentionable bad habits that seem to float around? I am truly astounded.

And she wants to pray multiple times during a meal, and never without holding our hands. Sometimes all I do during a meal is pray, because she will ask to do it over and over and over. I take those opportunities to thank the Lord for her, and ask that He would allow this to be her heart for the rest of her life.

And she caps off the prayer with a resounding and excited "Men!" (Amen)

She is just too sweet. I am blessed.

Mama's, if you are reading this, never neglect the fact that your child can pick up your good habits, even in spite of the bad ones. The old saying "Do as I say, and not as I do" almost makes me cringe. Why not give your child a visual of what you want them to do?

I know I have so much to learn in this parenting gig, but, its nice to see that we have done something right :)

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  1. Everytime you blog I want to say, "Look, I did something right!" But guess what? I can only thank God, just like you're doing, for the blessings he bestowed on me by giving me such great kids!!