Thursday, November 10, 2011


I like the ring of that. I mean, I am refashioned. Made completely new.

Maybe that is why I have been in love with my sewing machine lately. My husband's a little jealous. My new love is 50 yrs older than he has no right to be jealous.......not really anyways. :)

I have been going to town with my sewing projects lately. First it was Mikayla's Daisy Duck costume:

And then this week, two re-fashions!

The first was a pair of too short jeans (All her jeans are too short. Poor thing, she will probably always have this problem. I hope she has nice looking ankles.) that I turned into a fab skirt! The ruffles are made out of a dress shirt of Jason's that had a hole in it. Here is the result:

The second re-fashion was an old sweater of mine that I turned into a cute little jumper/dress. Its a teeny bit short, but looks cute with leggings and her sweet boots:

Could she be any cutier?

Lovin my new hobby! Pretty soon my house is going to be a "Hobby Lobby" with all the hobbies I have picked up in the last year.

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