Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Daddy one and a Mikayla one.....

Tonight Mikayla and I were waiting in the car while Jason ran into Walmart to get a couple things we needed. Which, can I just say that its never actually "running" into Walmart, its more like "getting what you need quickly and standing in line for at least 15 minutes wondering why there are so many gosh-darn checkout lines and registers, and only 3 employees working them" into walmart. Just sayin.

Anyways, Mikayla and I were chatting and she looks over and sees the inflatable santa they had on display outside the store, and there was also a little lit-up santa right beside it. Mikayla then says:

"Look, look, look! Its a Daddy one and a Meekayla one!"

"Yes honey, you are right! You are very smart!"

"Where's the mommy one?"

(silently wondering to myself why the bigger santa was automatically Daddy and not Mommy. I am with the beautiful little stinker ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, and I don't get to be the 6-foot Jolly Santa? Doesn't that just figure? :)

"I am not sure honey, I don't think there is a mommy one."

"That's okay mommy, its just a Daddy one and a Meekayla one."

Gotta love a sweet girl who adores her daddy.

Isn't that how it should be though? The automatic realization that its a "Daddy one." The realization that the big things we notice in our life (aka: the big Santa) is because of God, and not some other thing that may be contributing to our lives? It is so easy to put the credit of something good into something that is visible every day, friends/family/co-workers/luck/timing/good sleep etc.

It was so heart warming to me that she automatically dubbed the bigger Santa as Daddy. It meant that she was acknowledging his presence in her life, and the value of his presence in her life was at the forefront of her little brain, and her heart.

I want God to be "the Daddy one" in my life too.


  1. So awesome! I love that she sees her daddy and herself in those santas. You are so right - that is exactly the way we need to see ourselves and our heavenly father. I love knowing that our heavenly father loves us even more than Jason loves Mikayla, which almost seems unfathomable!

    I love that Mikayla has an earthly daddy and a heavenly daddy who both are looking out for her. Oh, that every little girl and boy would have an earthly father like Jason. This would be a much sweeter world to live in.

    I really enjoyed your post Rachel!!

  2. MeeKayla is a smart little girl!