Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Unfortunate Timing......

Mikayla and I were "bwilding" with her blocks this morning, having such a great time. We began building tower after tower, and they ALL ended up looking the same, because lets be honest, not much can be done with toddler blocks.

Then Mikayla would hold them up to her eye and say "I see you mommy" and I would do it back to her. Then I got the idea to take a couple photos through the hole in the blocks, and see what my outcome would be. So I got out my camera, and Mikayla became my willing model:

And then............ I snapped this beauty.

Seriously unfortunate timing. Couldn't have been worse......and yet, on the flip side, the best timing ever because I managed to catch that split second with her finger in her nose, and it captured a photo that made her and I giggle like silly little girls. Obviously not the most flattering photo of my gorgeous girl, but so so funny. And definitely one of those "I can't believe my mom showed people this photo" photos that will haunt her when she is older. I love it, and I will be keeping it.

Funny how life captures us in hideous, frightening, ugly moments. Moments that at that time may be considered painful, shameful, embarrassing, or hurtful. But at the same time, the fact that the moment happened in a split second, and changes the course of our lives, it might be considered good timing. Because that moment, as does all moments, passes into an afterthought, and if you are lucky.......a funny, blessed afterthought.

Think back to the worst moment of your life........would you consider it bad timing even though looking at it from this vantage point, it has made you who you are?

I remember my mom talking to me when we were in a season of struggle with Mikayla. She said "We won't even be talking about this issue in a few weeks." And she was right (as she normally is :)

So are you able to take the "unfortunate timing" moments in life with a little more peace, knowing it will fade away?

Scripture that encourages me in those moments : Luke 12:22-34.

Lord. Anxiety consumes me. Worry about the future and thinking about tomorrow overwhelms my thoughts.  You tell me not to worry, so there must be so much good that comes from NOT worrying. I want that goodness. I want to rest in the best that you have for me while I am not worrying. I know that life deals bad timing all the time, but I want to view those moments as good timing, because they are a part of your timing. I want to giggle when its all over. I want to see you when its all over. Lord would you do that? And God, would you do that for those who may be reading this? I don't know who they are, but, I know they need your peace too. Amen.

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  1. Love it! Totally awesome pictures, all of them ~ and such a good reminder too that life's little "oops" moments are sometimes teachable, grace filled ones to bring us closer to the picture of what God wants us to be!