Monday, March 14, 2011

Bye Bye Ba-Ba

Mikayla is 18 months. Oh. My. Goodness. Really? I seriously feel like it was just yesterday that I was in labor for 32 hours, waiting on my little girl who apparently had her own agenda. And to this day, she still has her own agenda. She does not do things until/unless she decides to do them on her own.

Yesterday was a day that I decided to make a decision for her. Say bye-bye to the bottle (affectionately reffered to in our home as ba-ba.) For the last 6 months she has just been getting a bottle before bedtime and naps. I dont know how long is too long before you quit with the bottle, but something told me that last night was a good night to do it. I was scared. We have a good thing going with bedtime, should I ruin that?

Well she did just fine. Went to sleep normally. No biggie. Come to think of it, all of her transitions have been no big deal. I am blessed. Shocked, but blessed.

Does she really have to grow up?


  1. I say you tell her to STOP growing up!!! *wah wah* I wish they didn't have to grow up...


    this song reminds me of this.

    love you!