Saturday, March 26, 2011


People say I am crafty. And I am. I love crafts. I love being creative.

Enter the life of Rachel from age 12: drawing, painting, homemade gifts, candy making, cake decorating, home decor, jewelry making, photography, baking, cooking, and kids activities.

Sounds good right?

My big problem? I am a comparison queen.

I am never satisfied with what I do. I compare all I do to those FAR MORE ADVANCED than myself. Or, on the flip side, if I know that there is no way that what I will do would ever come close to Suzy Homemaker down the street, then I don't even bother, even if it may be something I love. I always want to be the best, the very first time.

I also have pride up the wazoo. If I create something, and someone says "how did you do that?" I never want to share the details! I want to claim the fame, and never share it! SO SILLY! Here's the big secret though:

Nothing I have ever made thus far has been my own idea.

I may tweak it a little to make it my own, but I am not inventive! I covet these blogs with these amazing mama's who come up with the most clever crafts, or home decor, who also seem to look gorgeous being crafty! What's up with that? When I craft, I have hot glue strings hanging from every limb of my body. Can you say sexy?

Okay, okay, back to what I was saying. Pride, it's like matter how hard I try to make it go away, it sticks with me, and its UGLY! It may disappear in certain lighting, but it always shows up just to embarrass! (And yes, I have true cellulite as well. This is not like when Paul is talking about his thorn of the flesh in 2 Corinthians 12. He didn't really have a thorn in his physical flesh. I, however, have my figurative cellulite and the real stuff.)

ANYWAYS.....pride. It's yucky stuff. Something that keeps me from doing what I love. Obsessing about what I did wrong. Constantly thinking about how I can make my next "craft" better. Causing me to quit. Idolatry. Sheeesshh. This is rough stuff.

In an effort to cut away the pride, I am going to need help. I am going to share my stuff with you, perfect or not, in hopes that you will offer suggestions to better my craft, offer encouragement when you like something, and suggest tips and tricks to help me grow.

I dare to be vulnerable. Pride can't survive with vulnerability. It suffocates it.

Stay tuned for tutorials and pictures of my current craft or activity, or, get out while you still can! It could be messy from here on out! :)

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