Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Mikayla tries so hard to imitate what she sees being done. Take play-doh for instance: I cut out a circle in the play-doh using a cake tip (I hope my mother-in-law doesn't read this, she bought me the cake tips. I dont think she will be thrilled that we use them for play-doh J) and this is Mikayla's version of using the cake tip:

Cute, but not quite the same, it is her own impression.

I was reading this morning in 1 Thessalonians about this concept. In verse 7 Paul is telling the church of the Thessalonains "you became an example to all the believers..." The original Greek word used for "example" was used to describe a seal that marked wax, or a stamp that minted coins. A permanent, constant impression.

It got me thinking. Who's "impression" am I leaving on those around me? Am I leaving my mark, or God's? If Paul was commending the church about the example they were leaving, it was a Godly example, because Paul didnt grant praise to anything that was not Godly.

I was reading yesterday on one of the blogs that I follow that they have obtained 10,000 followers! Well of course that pushed me to lament last night about how I could get more followers to my blog. Then my dear sweet husband asked "What is the reason for your blog?" and I quickly stated "So people can read the stuff I write." I instantly wished I could have pulled those words back in my mouth. That was not the reason I originally had in starting this blog. I feel as though God has revealed some wonderful stuff to me, and I would be doing an injustice by not sharing it. It has nothing to do with me.

So my wonderful followers, all 10 of you, I hope that the impression I leave on you is that of God. And if you are the only 10 followers I ever have, I pray that the impression you receive of me every time I write is that of a Godly one.

I apologize for my "follower envy." Please forgive me J

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  1. IRGH! I tried to comment before and I am not sure what happened.....

    Anyway, I love reading your blog - every post is amazing! I don't always comment, but I do read.