Thursday, March 17, 2011

Humble Pie

So this week at bible-study we talked about humility. There is such a fine line between a spirit of denial, and a spirit of humility. There is also an extrememly fine line between bragging and boasting in the Lord (2Corinthians 10:17-18). I would venture to say that most women struggle with these two extremes. I know I sure do.

The conclusion was that a spirit of humility and to boast in the Lord will come as a result without having to preface your intentions. How often do you feel you have to begin a story with "It was totally a God-thing because.........." in order to not sound as though you are bragging? I do it all the time. Instead I would  love that if I have to say it at all, it would be because I am longing to give His name the glory. And if I don't mention God as a part of my blessing, will people see God in me anyways? Or, what about the next time I am complimented or thanked for an act of service? Will I say "It was no big deal" in an effort to come across as humble, or will I graciously accept the gratitude because in my heart of hearts it was a sacrifice, but it was a sacrifice worth doing!

THEN, I was reading today in Hebrews about how Jesus was made lower than the angels. WHAT? REALLY? I have been going to church for 24 years, and this escaped me how? AND THEN, not only was He made to be lower than the angels, but he was made to be lower than most humans due to the death that he incurred. Now, luckily, He is high and lifted up, thank the Lord (seriously :) but Jesus chose to be lower than the angels! He HUMBLED himself, and He never said "its no big deal." In fact, he clearly states ALL OVER HIS WORD that it is a big deal. Just because Jesus didnt shrug it off and say "don't worry about" doesn't mean that He wasn't humble.

So what is there to learn here?? A humble spirit is reflected regardless if "humble" words are spoken. If I want to boast about the blessings God has provided me, all who hear me will know that I give full credit to God, regardless if I preface myself with "It was such a God thing" (not to say that I won't do that, because I love to take every opportunity I get to proclaim the Lord's name, but I will do it as an act of worship instead of a fear of coming across as arrogant.)

Whew! **wipes sweat off brow** I love when I have a God-given tangent!

Jesus, in an effort to lower myself, as you did with the angels, would you open my eyes to a spirit of humility? Would you allow me to desire to do things for no other recognition except yours? Would you fill my thoughts with you, so that I can quit tip-toeing around what I fear other people might think?

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