Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Tips: Bathtub paints

So I have decided that every Tuesday that I write, I will provide a helpful tip from my vast knowledge and experience with life and motherhood (are you all rolling your eyes at me?)

Today's tip: Do not use too much food coloring when you create your own bathtub paint.

I created this yesterday in an effort to be a cool mommy:

Its shaving cream and food coloring mixed together and separated in a formula dispenser. I put her in the bath with the paints and let her go to town. I then freaked out at the thought of her little body and "unmentionable areas" being stained with an array of color, after examining my own hands and seeing pink and green stains all over them. SO I pulled her out of the tub and set her up at the sink with her fun paints. The mess was worth it, she had fun, and the "unmentionable areas" were all covered:


Look at that sweet face!

My little artist!

So, if any of you brave mothers out there try this, which I highly recommend, go easy on the food coloring! As appealing as the vibrant colors may be, your kids will have fun with it regardless of how dark the colors appear!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. She looks like she is having a great time!

  2. My little heart be still! Why am I crying? Is it because she is so beautiful? Maybe because you both bring me such joy. Whatever the reason I thank God for you and the creative mom you are. Mikayla is so fortunate!